Austria’s Wien Energie Announces a Blockchain-Based Charger For Electric Cars with Riddle & Code

The largest Austrian energy providers, Wien Energie has recently announced that they are launching a DLT based electric car charger in partnership with blockchain firm Riddle & Code.

Wien Energie is an energy company and part of Wiener Stadtwerke. Wien Energie is the largest energy provider in Austria and sells approx. 23 TWh of electricity, natural gas, and district heating annually. The company operates in the supply of electricity, natural gas, and heat from around 2 million customers, 230,000 commercial and industrial plants and 4,500 agricultural enterprises in the Greater Vienna area.

As of now, the hardware integration of e-charging stations, PV installations, and household meters are being tested. The solution gives strong and stable data interfaces to connect smart meters, consumers and energy producers.

The official announcement read:

“As a first step, RIDDLE&CODE and Wien Energie connected an e-charger to manage digital identities and securely transmit charging data to enable real-time settlement of electric car charging. E-chargers are the first part of a complete energy solution bringing trust and flexibility and bringing forward further steps towards energy communities. After a successful test, an initial rollout of the system is planned in the last quarter of 2019. The overall aim is to provide a basis for flexible, secure and scalable energy management systems based on distributed infrastructure.”

RIDDLE&CODE, the Blockchain interface company, is a European start-up that builds hardware and software stacks bringing trusted identity to objects and people. Together with its clients and partners, RIDDLE&CODE brings greater efficiency and new business models to financial markets, energy distribution, supply chain management and the Internet of Things.

Their CTO, Tom Fuerstner commented:

“RIDDLE&CODE is excited to be a key part of this project that leverages blockchain technology to satisfy both end-customer and supplier requirements, enabling a new prosumer energy market. Alongside our partners Wien Energie and Viertel Zwei, we are laying the foundation of a whole new urban energy marketplace where buyers and sellers are the main participants.”

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