New XRP Tree Project is Helping Ripple Achieve A Co2 Neutral Network

Several blockchain projects, especially Bitcoin, have been accused of having a very negative impact on the environment. With the increasing global warming effect, there must be some projects that take seriously the issue of Carbon Dioxide being released to the atmosphere.

This is why XRP is working in order to become the most eco-friendly and sustainable virtual currency in the market. Its community believes that XRP should consume less energy than VISA transactions, for example.

According to John Leopold and Niclas Englesson, XRP consumes less electricity than many other projects and payment processors. For example, with the energy use by XRP to process 220 million transactions, it would be possible to power 14 light bulbs, 6 dishwashers or 11,018 car miles. Bitcoin instead could power 149 million light bulbs, 70 million dishwashers and 115 million car miles. XRP’s performance is even better than Ethereum or VISA.

However, there is still a negative effect on the environment. Although minimum, the intention is to reduce its carbon footprint and completely negate the environmental impact of transactions on the ledger.

This is what the XRP community is trying to do with the XRP Tree Project that is being promoted by the Twitter user @WanderingWare. In order to proceed, the project partnered with the One Tree Planted Organization.

Although tree costs vary depending on the region, the system that XRP Tree Project developed requires $1 dollar for just a tree.

About it, WanderingWare commented:

“XRPTree Project is official partnered with who have an ingenious system where 1USD$ = one tree. They do this by pooling funds so that they have enough to enable a large plant to cover all the funds. Most plans range from 5,000 – 20,000 tree plants to my knowledge.”

In this way, the XRP Tree Project, working with, has planted 1,126 trees to date in four different continents. These trees were able to offset 24.77 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide from Ripple technology.

For example, the organization will be planting 245 trees in Rwanda. According to WanderingWare, the project is also empowering women and men in Rwanda about sustainable farming methods.

At the moment, there is a fundraising page specifically designed for the XRP Tree Project. The site allows the XRP community know about the projects they have and how they aim at reducing the carbon footprint of the XRP network.

In the future, a new donation system with XRP could help the crypto community to donate for reducing carbon emissions.

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