Litecoin(LTC) On Cloud Nine As SurfAir Joins #PayWithLitecoin Movement

Litecoin [LTC] Foundation started a brand new #PayWithLitecoin marketing campaign to help businesses accept Litecoin. The idea was to enable people to pay with Litecoin everywhere. Charlie Lee is a creator of Litecoin, and Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation announced the new campaign on June 5th. Litecoin (LTC) is a cryptocurrency developed for quick transaction times and low transaction fees. These features, coupled with the increasing desire to have greater access and freedom over one’s finances, are quickly driving Litecoin towards becoming the new global payments standard for consumers and businesses worldwide.

Charlie Lee exuded happiness in announcing that SurfAir has joined #PayWithLitecoin bandwagon. Surf Air has started accepting Litecoin as payment for memberships and Surf Anywhere charter requests.

Litecoin token holders might get a reason to rejoice as #PayWithLitecoin started making waves across the globe. The CEO of Wirex tweeted mentioning that Tesla airport shuttle is accepting payments in Litecoin. It is a significant step in the journey of Litecoin as it signals the growing acceptance as currency and it would push up Litecoin prices in the long run.

Gabriel Francisco of TMT Blockchain Fund told that he believes that Litecoin will soon be one of the first cryptocurrencies to gain mainstream adoption. Francisco added that the superior payment system of Litecoin would help in mainstream adoption. With more entities getting onboard with #PayWithLitecoin movement, Litecoin prices would shoot north undoubtedly.

Image via Surf Air Facebook Page

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