Cryto-currency exchange, Unocoin, launches platform for live order-book trading of altcoins

Mumbai, June 4

Crypto-currency exchange, Unocoin, has launched UNODAX, another platform for live order-book trading of various other altcoins. UNODAX supports multiple crypto-assets and provides crypto trading enthusiasts unlimited order validity and transparent order depth.

Following a maker-taker fee model, it provides exclusive maker benefits. The maker fee is only 0.4 per cent, while the taker fee is also reduced to 0.6 per cent. UNODAX is accessible through a Web portal, Android and iOS app, the company said in a statement.

Sathvik Vishwanath, co-founder and CEO, Unocoin said, “While Unocoin will support bitcoin wallet services, UNODAX is exclusively meant for crypto trading enthusiasts, making available a range of dedicated services, tools and functionalities.”

He further added that UNODAX simplifies the process for users and helps the company achieve better scalability and performance. “We have also ensured a smooth transition for our existing users without any hiccups in the process,” he said.

With the launch of UNODAX, Unocoin has taken the crucial step of distinguishing two of its core products in order to achieve better scalability and performance. The differentiation is followed by a UI upgrade as well, the company mentioned.

It will preserve the broader game to promote and flourish the use of bitcoin and build a robust ecosystem for cryptoassets with a range of services, including a systematic buying plan, merchant gateway, mobile and DTH payments, bitcoin wallet service and auto-selling bitcoin receivables.

This migration of exchange platform to UNODAX is being performed without any hiccups to Unocoin users. With both domains and services running on the same Unocoin backend servers, users will retain their login credentials and transaction history across the sites. For a user, nothing changes — except for the fact that you now get distinct websites that aim for speed and performance.

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