Does Robinhood Crypto Present a Threat to Coinbase? on Cheddar

February 23, 2018

Robinhood may be super popular with millennial traders, but it won’t overthrow Coinbase in the crypto world.

That’s according to Adam Draper, founder and managing director at start-up accelerator Boost VC. Also a Coinbase investor, he says he doesn’t view the companies as competing platforms.

“If you think long-term, they’re both looking at [trading digital coins] from completely different sides,” he told Cheddar. “Robinhood is coming at it from an asset management side, where Coinbase is coming at it from a crypto platform side.”

Robinhood Crypto went live in five states Thursday, offering zero-fee trading and promising a roll out more broadly in the coming months.

While some argue the no-commission strategy could take share away from Coinbase, Draper says the platform has a different target audience.

“With Coinbase Custody, they’re rolling out to institutional investors,” he said. “Robinhood is much more focused on the consumer, millennial generation.”

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